GEN105 Checkpoint DL1 week 1

GEN105 Checkpoint DL1 week 1 - care out of my home which...

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Before I started this program, my idea of online schooling was one of those late night corny infomercials. My first thought was always, what’s the gimmick? I knew that eventually distance learning would advance to become just online courses and from an accredited school. I wanted to do something like this a long time ago. Accreditation means a lot to me so, I waited. I chose to do distance learning mostly because of the convenience. I provide child
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Unformatted text preview: care out of my home which makes traditional schooling impossible. In order to stay afloat when it comes to living costs I have to have some income. Distance learning has made it possible to do both. Of course my views of distance learning have completely changed 100%. I will recommend this opportunity to anyone I met who is where I was before I learned of Axia College....
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