GEN105 Tech Tools Resources - more of a hands on learner,...

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1 Checkpoint: Technological Tools Resources Kira Bishop GEN/105 December 4 th 2009 David Diamond
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2 I think the technological tools are a great addition to our educational experience. I use them not only to gain knowledge from but also just to do something different. At Axia College it is expected that you do a lot of typing and a lot of reading but, not everybody has the same learning style. Two people that read the same chapter of a book may not absorb the same amount of what they read. Personally, when I read anything, I won’t learn it nearly as well as I would if I wrote notes in conjunction to my reading. Whereas someone else may be able to just read it fully understand and absorb everything. Then you have those who are audio learners, the audio appendixes would be where they learn the most. Some people are visual learners, the digital stories and tutorials would be perfect for them. I would be
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Unformatted text preview: more of a hands on learner, which is why I love the tutorials. I can learn visually what the tutorial is teaching me and at the same time apply the information, take notes, etc. But, no matter what learning style you prefer, doing something a little different is like a breath of fresh air sometimes. The option to download appendixes and then be able to throw it on my iPod is definitely one I’ll use. It makes learning more convenient by being portable, it helps improve the learning experience of those who learn better in different ways and, it makes learning cooler for those who are more involved in the electronic age. For example, I own an iPod Touch and I love the fact that I can check out my class discussions so easily on it, for the convenience and just because I love being able to do all kinds of things with electronics....
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GEN105 Tech Tools Resources - more of a hands on learner,...

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