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University Library Article Search Kira Bishop GEN/105 – David Diamond Article #1: ProQuest database search Peer-Reviewed article Subject searched for distance learning college Title: Online Versus In-Class Courses: An Examination of Differences in Learning Outcomes Author: Lisa Kirtman Published: 2009- 09 This article starts out with a little history about the many studies done about this comparison. After all those studies had been done, not one study compared the outcomes of the two learning formats. I really liked how this article was laid out, it was easy to read, and they studied a wide variety of areas. But I really liked that this article wasn’t out to pick which ones better, in a comparison article, the point is to lay out the facts and leave it to the reader to decide.
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Unformatted text preview: Article #2: • Thomson Gale PowerSearch • Title search for personal goals • Title: Your Best Life Yet: Robin Roberts offers seven principles for reaching your professional and personal goals. • Author: Marcia A. Reed- Woodard • Published: 2007- 09 This is a magazine article that is reviewing the book; From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By, written by Robin Roberts. The article provides a little background information about the author and how that tie in what she wrote in the book. It summarizes the seven ways to reaching your goals. I am seriously going to read the book; I really think it would help me in this sometimes troublesome area of mine....
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GEN105 Library Search - Article#2 • Thomson Gale...

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