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MEMO TO: Christine Lancaster, Training Supervisor FROM: Joe Gilmore, Department Manager DATE: January 10, 2010 SUBJECT: Response: Idea for Next Training Series Emotional Intelligence Training idea I have read Jill Smith’s Paper a few times now and thought about how it relates to employee training. And I feel it would be a good idea to make employees aware of emotional intelligence in the workplace. I feel that many employee supervisors are under the impression that business is business and they forget that the employees they are supervising are people too and I think that can cause resentment towards the company from the employee. Then from that point forward the
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Unformatted text preview: employee doesn’t work to their potential because of the resentment that was created. Of course, this is just my observation but, I think you would agree. I also agree with incorporating this training because our employees need to be aware of the changes being made in the business world. In Jill’s paper it mentions that, “universities are delivering EQ training in hopes of preparing their students for the workplace” (). So, if this is what today’s youth, soon to be tomorrow’s employee are being trained, then I think our employees need to receive this training as well. Please let me know if we need to discuss this further. Thank You...
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