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_GEN105 Student Survival Guide - Student Survivor Guide...

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Student Survivor Guide Kira Bishop GEN/105 01/30/2010 David Diamond
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Using Axia's Educational Resources As each day passes technology advances to become more involved with everyday life, whether it is for portability for the desktop, convenience on the road or just because, you have the ability to download files whatever device your heart desires. Located under the “Library” tab of the student web page you’ll find many useful resources. The Center for Writing Excellence offers grammar and writing guides and tutorials on how to use Microsoft Office programs. There’s also a service called WritePoint which allows you to submit a paper for an in-depth grammar check. And, The Center of Mathematics Excellence offers online courses for students to learn mathematics as well as offering assessments to find out where you could use improvement. The University Library will be a valuable resource for conducting research in your courses to come. The column to the right under "Library Services" you’re offered a research tutorial, the libraries handbook in pdf, the options to request a specific document, and a link to a form so you can ask a Librarian for assistance. Finding the articles you need in the University Library is called Boolean Searching. The four tips of Boolean Searching will make your article searching easier. Identify the keywords for your topic Joining multiple keywords with and requires that the search only retrieve the documents containing all the keywords within it. To broaden your search results
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_GEN105 Student Survival Guide - Student Survivor Guide...

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