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Fifth Edition This Quick Guide is an extract from the (Help) Main Menu of the Software. Details could be obtained by referring to the (Help) Main Menu Introduction This program allows you to enter journal entries, post journal entries, generate trial balances, income statements, and balance sheets, as well as a variety of other reports, which can be displayed onscreen and in print. You do not need to make any entries for the closing process. The program contains a menu item to close the books automatically. Main Menu Help The General Ledger Software is easy to use. Simply select a problem, make entries in the appropriate journals, post the entries, close the books, and generate reports. Onscreen help is available from many parts of the program by pressing F1. A Help book, containing Main Menu help as well as help from other parts of the program, can also be printed. To make a menu choice, use the arrows to highlight the choice, then press Enter. Below are the basic steps to follow and an explanation of the menu options. Step 1: Load a Problem Select PROBLEMS from the Menu Task Bar. Then choose SELECT and highlight the problem you wish to work on and press ENTER. The basic structure of the problem--the names of the accounts, beginning balances, and so on--will be loaded by the program and you will be returned to the Main Menu, ready to make entries or generate reports. Step 2: Make Journal Entries Select ENTRIES from the Menu Task Bar; then RECORD, then select the appropriate journal. Onscreen prompts guide you through the process of entering data. Onscreen Help is available by pressing F1. At any time you can view or print a preliminary report of the current problem and journal by pressing F10 to close the problem. Choose REPORT, then choose the report you want to review. It is a good idea to use this option to review all transactions before posting them. 1
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1156991792 - General Ledger Software Quick Guide Fifth...

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