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Assignment 1 07000414x Dai Yifeng Examine the table below which gives the field data of surface temperatures recorded (measured) in the field in Kowloon at about 9.30am in mid-September (the same time of day and year as the image) Location Surface Temperature (Celsius) Image Temperature (Celsius) Trees in Kowloon Park 34 295-273=22 Grassy sports field in HoManTin 35 299-273=25 Urban surfaces eg. concrete runway 45 301-273=28 Building roofs eg Wanchai Exb Ctr 46 303-273=30 Water 28 291-273=18 Q uestion Explain in your own words any discrepancy between the image temperature values recorded by you and the actual values recorded in the field at the image time. Answer All radiation detected by remote sensors passes through some distance, or path length of, atmosphere. Atmosphere has effect on intensity and spectral composition of radiation available to sensing system, by absorption and scattering. Absorption
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