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Chapter 1 Multiple-Choice Questions 1. Access is a ________ database management system. a. hierarchical b. helical c. relational d. rational 2. When you launch Microsoft Access, you can choose a prebuilt skeletal database called a(n) ______ from a wide variety of them available online and on your local computer. a. form b. template c. sample database d. download 3. The View menu lets you display different types of objects including forms, reports, macros, ______, and modules . a. favorites b. groups c. design d. tables 4. Only one object actually holds database data. This is the database’s _______(s). a. table b. query c. database engine d. form 5. You can place filtering criterion into a _____ to produce a dynaset, which is a subset of one or more tables’ rows. a. form b. view c. query d. attribute 6. When you use two Criteria rows of a query’s QBE grid under the same column, you are using a(n) ______ operator. a. and b. not c. or d. filter e. between 7. A ______ form simultaneously displays a form in one panel and a table’s Datasheet view in the other panel . a. columnar b. tabular c. relationships d. split 8. Suppose you want to review what queries, forms, and reports in the Chapter 1 database refer to the table tblInvoiceLines. In the Navigation Pane, you would view objects in the _________ category. a. Object Type b. Custom c. Tables and Related Views d. Filter By Group 9. You should never store in a table any value that is functionally ______ two or more fields in the same record . a. preceding b. dependent on c. opposed to d. linked with
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10. Assume the sales tax charged on all purchases is 6.5 percent of the ExtendedPrice (price*quantity* (1-discount)) field available in a table called tblSales. What is the correct expression to compute sales tax— the expression you would place in a Field row of the query to display the tax? a. 6.5 *[ExtendedPrice] b. [ExtendedPrice]*0.065 c. 0.065*[tblSales] d. 6.5%[tblSales] Chapter 2 Multiple-Choice Questions 1. Bar code scanners are useful elements in accounting database systems because they can quite easily a. post journal entries to the general ledger. b. capture a wide variety of information about each transaction. c. prevent or detect cashier fraud. d. identify pricing errors in the database. 2. The events-based approach to accounting theory a. classifies businesses in terms of their complexity. b. requires the use of the REA model to classify entities. c. supports the use of double-entry bookkeeping systems. d. supports the use of relational database accounting systems. 3. A double-entry bookkeeping system records each transaction a. twice. b. as an abstraction. c. in a relational database. d. on the day it occurs. 4. Computerized accounting systems
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Access Multiple choose - Chapter 1 Multiple-Choice...

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