Example_No_9 - Example No 9: Modeling Hirerachy Coo ling of...

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Example No 9: Modeling Hirerachy Cooling of warm fluid flowing in a circular conduit/pipe. This example illustrates translation of the physical system into model parameters. i. The first step in modeling process is to sketch of the system Figure 1. Plug flow in a circular conduit ii. The second step is to list of assumptions made in the modeling process. These assumptions must also be kept in minds through out the modeling process and in the application of the model once it is completed. a. steady state condition b. constant physical properties - , , C P , k, etc c. constant wall temperature, T w d. Constant and uniform inlet temperature , T o >T w e. Plug shaped or flat velocity profile f. Well mixed fluid, so temperature is uniform in radial direction g. Small heat conduction along axis relative to convection Assumption (e) and (f) imply that the flow in the cylindrical tube is in turbulent regime. Under turbulent condition, fluid mixing is very efficient in which uniform temperature in the radial direction can be achieved. The velocity profile is almost plug shaped or constant in the radial direction under turbulent flow. iii. To sketch and act upon the differential volume element (control volume) of the system. In this example the system is the fluid in the conduit.
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Figure 2 . Heat balance in the control volume loss or generation heat of rate out heat of rate in
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Example_No_9 - Example No 9: Modeling Hirerachy Coo ling of...

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