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Bio 201 F09 Lowry lect 33 (L33) predation

Bio 201 F09 Lowry lect 33 (L33) predation - Fact of the day...

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1 Fact of the day Asian carp escaped from Southern fish farms into the Mississippi River during 1990s flooding and have been migrating northward since. The monstrous creatures can exceed 4 feet long and 100 pounds. They consume up to 40 percent of their body weight daily in plankton, starving out smaller and less aggressive competitors. Species introductions will change are changing your world Likelihood of exclusion • Schoener: 85 studies 60% asymmetrical 12% symmetrical 28% unclear • Connell: 54 experiments 61% asymmetrical 39% symmetrical Exclusion should be very common Avoiding competitive exclusion Differences in resource use – habitats, food, behavior Consider seed eating birds – Morphology and resource use related Big bill big seeds Small bill small seeds Differences in resource use Low overlap can originate in 2 ways 1) pre-existing differences enable 2 species to coexist when they meet (phenotypic plasticity) = Resource partitioning: use of different resources by potential competitors 2) Evolution = Character displacement: evolution of morphological differences
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2 Competition causes selection A B SEED SIZE FREQ. OF USE T I M E A B SEED SIZE FREQ. OF USE selection
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