Bio 201 F09 Lowry lect 35 (L35) energy

Bio 201 F09 Lowry lect 35 (L35) energy - Fact of the day...

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1 Fact of the day Stony Brook researchers looked at effluent from municipal sewage treatment plants in Brooklyn for the effects of estrogen like chemicals on flounder We treat sewage for solid waste, bacteria, other pathogens, but not largely for the medications we take… Highly biased female sex-ratios in Winter flounder in NY’ s Jamaica Bay Understanding Ecology through Energy Flow • Life = process of acquisition and incorporation of energy that builds order • We can understand the importance of interactions of organisms by understanding patterns of energy flow through the ecosystem Initial harvest of energy flux from the Sun is by Photosynthesis – Plants – Algae (Protists) – Some few micro-organisms (chemosynthesis: a mere footnote) Primary Production What happens to energy from the sun? Reflected by clouds and atmosphere Reflected by surface Albedo Absorbed as heat Absorbed in photosynthesis 100% 23% 8% 20% Absorbed by atmosphere and clouds 57% 47% 2%
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2 Energy Budget • Albedo: depends on reflectivity • Water: 2% • Snow: 50-90% • Clouds: 90% • Vegetation: 5-30% • Photosynthesis: 2% b chemical energy • Heat: the rest (8-90%) b drives climate Photosynthesis = Primary production • The acquisition of energy is limited by environmental variables • Primary production is highest (per area) in the tropics and decreases toward the poles.
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Bio 201 F09 Lowry lect 35 (L35) energy - Fact of the day...

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