Bio 201 F09 Lowry lect 36 (L36) community

Bio 201 F09 Lowry lect 36 (L36) community - Fact of the day...

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Lake Nyos, Cameroon August 21, 1986 Limnic eruption Suffocated 1,800 people And 3,500 livestock Fact of the day – exploding lakes! Communities More Than the Organisms They Comprise? • Communities = an ecological unit, consisting of assemblages of many populations living in the same place and same time – studying the whole reveals features not seen from studying ind. pop. Views of the community • Old = Super-organism – emergent properties (like ability to withstand drought). may be related to stability or functioning of comm. • New = Chance association of species – result of interactions between ind. species and the environment (biotic & abiotic factors) and with chance historical events Communities can occur on a wide range of scales and can be nested 1. tropical forest community 2. community living in the water-filled bromeliads 3. microfaunal communities digesting cellulose in guts of insects that live in bromeliads
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• Substantial differentials in temperature over the Earth • Variation is largely due to differences in incoming solar radiation 2 features Sun’s rays Long distance Atmosphere Large surface area 40% insulation at poles compared to tropics A Sun’s rays B Short distance Small surface area Equator Earth Solar Variation Result: 40% less total annual insolation at the poles compared to the equator Climate and Community Structure • 2 nd cause of variation – Earth's angle of rotation (23.5%) results in changes in day length and diff. in Northern vs. Southern Hemisphere
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Bio 201 F09 Lowry lect 36 (L36) community - Fact of the day...

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