JavaNames - Naming in Java (JavaNames.doc) Java has strict...

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Naming in Java (JavaNames.doc) Java has strict naming conventions and we will require that you follow these as all good Java programmers do. If this is followed, you can look at code and tell immediately if a term refers to a class, package, method, field, or variable (five of the most common things you find in Java programs). We will summarize some conventions in this document, but please refer to the CodeConventions.pdf file in this assignment for more details. 1. Classes a. Give classes names that typically have just letters and numbers – no spaces (see the text for the complete rules but this is the way most Java programmers do it) b. capitalize every word in the name c. Correct- MyDatabase, Purchase, TheFirstTry, Purchase2 d. Incorrect – myFirst, 2Program, Thefirsttry 2. Packages a. All small letters b. Multiple parts are separated by periods c. To make package names unique across everyone’s applications, you really are suppose to use your Web address backwards, and add on specifics
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JavaNames - Naming in Java (JavaNames.doc) Java has strict...

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