ENGR 482 Final Review

ENGR 482 Final Review - ENGR 482 Final Review 2....

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Unformatted text preview: ENGR 482 Final Review 2. Functionings what an individual can do or become in his or her life that is of value Capabilities the ability of people to lead the kind of life they have reason to value. The real freedom of individuals to achieve a functioning, it refers to the real options he or she has available. Hazard index Indicators are correlated with the capabilities and are scaled onto a common metric so they can be compared, then a summary index is created. 3. For and against getting the PE For: Gives you more qualifications, like youre a legit engineer; theyll back you up if you get into deep shit. Against: It is hard and doesnt always help you with your career. 4. Forms of dishonesty: lying Deliberate deception: Witholding information: Failure to seek out the truth: Dishonesty in engineering research: falsification, fabrication, and plagiarism Confidentiality: either by disclosing information when not warranted, or not disclosing when the greater public good warrants it. Intellectual Property: trade secrets cokes formula Patents gov issued that prohibit others from making use of the information for 20 years. Trademarks words, phrases, designs, symbols Copyrights rights to creative products. Goodrich brake hired to make 4-rotor brakes for plane, pass 50 tests, couldnt do it so falsified the report saying it could. Taddle-tale went to the fbi. DC-10 cargo latch- faulty hatch caused 346 dead because they didnt tell people it was faulty. Conflicts of interest: Actual Potential Apparent 7. 1969 national environmental policy act, most import piece of environment legislation ever a national policy which will encourage productive and enjoyable harmony between man...
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ENGR 482 Final Review - ENGR 482 Final Review 2....

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