Midterm Review,F'09 - Review for Mid-Term ExamPHIL/ENGR...

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Review for Mid-Term Exam—PHIL/ENGR 482—Fall, 2009 1. Ci ticorp’s Secret Past. Review the main ideas of the video, especially concentrating on how it relates to the three models of professional responsibility. 2. Professional Ethics. Common morality, personal morality, professional morality. Preventives vs. aspirational ethics. Focus on behavior in professional ethics, right of refusal of service for reasons of conscience. Why professional ethics cannot operate totally independently of common morality. 3. Professionalism and responsibility. What are some characteristics that distinguish professions from other occupations? (Ch. 1) What are the three accounts of professionalism (by sociologists, MacIntyre, and Davis)? What is the moral difference between the professional and business models? What is the engineering standard of care? Harm can be intentional, negligent, or reckless. How can an organization be the cause of harm? What is the problem of many hands? What are some of the impediments to professional responsibility? (Ch. 2) 4. Review distinction between factual, conceptual, application, and moral issues. Remember that the correct answer to classifying a statement will be about the “first layer,” as it were. For example, the question, “How do most people define 'acceptable risk'?” is, as presented, a factual question, because it is a question about how in fact most people define the term. Of course, on what we might call the second layer, it raises the conceptual issue of the proper definition of “acceptable risk.” But the first and most immediate question is a factual one. n?”
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Midterm Review,F'09 - Review for Mid-Term ExamPHIL/ENGR...

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