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Ajejunojejunostomy-formation of a passage btw 2 parts of the jejunum Achromatopsia-complete color blindness Actinodermatitis-inflam rash caused by radiation exposure Actinogenic-producing radiation Aglycemia-lack of sugar in the blood Algolagnia-sexual satisfaction derived by experiencing pain or inflicting pain Amblyopia-dimness of vision Amniorrhexis-rupture of the innermost membrane that encloses the fetus Amyotaxy-lack of coordination of muscles Anaphylaxis-bodily protection against another allergic reaction from happening Anisometropia/anisopia-visual power of eye is unequal Anisomastia- Condition in which the breasts are markedly unequal in size Ancylostomiasis-infestation of hook worms Ankyloblepharon-fused upper and lower eyelids Ankylodactylia-fusion of the fingers and toes Anuresis-absense of urination Antebrachium-forearm Antepartum/antenatal-before birth Anthracosis-black lung disease Aortoclasia-breaking up of the aorta Aphemia-loss of power to speak Aptyalia-lack of saliva Arctation-narrowing of a vessel Atelocardia-incomplete formation of the heart Azoospermia- Absence of spermatozoa in the semen Binocular-pert to both eyes Blepharism-twitching/blinking of eyelids Blepharostat-hold eyelids open in surgery Bradylexia-slow reading Calorific-generating heat Cecoptosis-downward displacement of cecum Celiohysterectomy-surg rem of womb thru abdom wall Cerebellar cortex- The surface layer of the cerebellum consisting of three layers: the outer or molecular, the middle, and the inner or granular Cervicovaginitis- Inflammation of the cervix uteri and the vagina Cheiloschisis-congenital split lip Chloropia-seeing everything in shades of green Choledochoenterostomy-surg passage of the common bile duct and intestine Choroid-dark blue layer of the eye btw sclera and retina Cirsomphalos-vericose veins around naval Colemesis-vomiting bile Colpocystocele-hernia of bladder thru wall of vagina Copremesis-vomiting feces Coprozoa- Protozoa living in or identified within fecal matter Cortical- Pert. to a cortex Corestenoma-narrowing of pupil Coryza-head cold Cryalgesia- Pain from the application of cold Crymophilic- Showing preference for cold Cryptorchidism- Failure of the testicles to descend into the scrotum Dacryohemorrhea-discharge of bloody tears Diaphoresis-sweating of the body
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