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Party Assignment 2009

Party Assignment 2009 - Taylor Rawson Professor Haynes...

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Taylor Rawson Professor Haynes Political Party Assignment 11 November 2009 Fill out the answers to the questions listed below (typed, but not in essay format) and bring this with you to your breakout session. Be prepared to discuss: 1. What positives and negatives each party brings to the political system, 2. What are the major differences between them, 3. How closely do they match your perceptions of them, and finally, 4. If you had to create an “ideal” party today, what would it stand for and what would it try to do programmatically (what would it try to fix or create in relation to the services that the federal government provides, protections it provides, behaviors it encourages, etc.)? 1. Here are five political parties. Next to each, please write down what you “know” about them. Do not look anything up. Just tell us what comes to mind first when you “think” about them – images, words, actions, policy stances? What issues do they fight for? What is their general ideological bent? Who are their constituent groups (in other words which social, interest, organizational groups tend to affiliate or be associated with the party)? a. Democrats 1. Big government, raise taxes, favors minorities, pro-abortion, gay rights, no war in general b. Republicans 1. Small government, lower taxes, favors majority, pro-life, favor war in general c. Libertarians 1. Free market d. Green Party 1. Environmentalism, recycling, global warming, etc e. Reform Party 1. Direct election of president from popular vote, free trade Then tell us… f. What party do you lean toward or identify with and why?
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