Chapter 1 Study Guide 2009

Chapter 1 Study Guide 2009 - 16 Define transaction and...

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Study Guide: Chapter 1 1. What is politics? 2. Why are bargaining and compromise important to politics? 3. What are preferences? 4. What are institutions? 5. What is a constitution? 6. What is a government? Why are they important? 7. What is authority? How is it different from power? 8. Why have institutional reform and how does it generally occur? 9. What is a collective action problem? 10. Why are collective action problems difficult to overcome? Think of a specific example.
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11. What is coordination? 12. What is the prisoner’s dilemma? 13. What is free-riding? 14. What is the Tragedy of the Commons? How are these problems (PD, FR, and TotC) related and why would we study them in American Government? 15. What are the costs of collective action? The visible ones? What about the not-so- visible ones?
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Unformatted text preview: 16. Define transaction and conformity costs and explain how they are related. 17. Why are majority rule and delegation important concepts? 18. What is separation of powers? 19. What is the principle-agent relationship? Why is it important? 20. What is agency loss? 21. What is a representative government? What is direct democracy? 22. What is a republic? 23. How do a parliamentary system government and a presidential system government compare? 24. What is a coalition? 25. Why do politicians act strategically? 26. What are private versus public goods? Why would you use the term collective good instead of public good? 27. What are externalities? 28. How does the institutional design of our federal government mitigate “popular passions”?...
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Chapter 1 Study Guide 2009 - 16 Define transaction and...

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