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Study Guide Exam 2

Study Guide Exam 2 - study guide for exam 2 audition...

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study guide for exam 2 audition: anatomy: tympanic membrane (ear drum- vibrations), ossicles (bones- mechanical energy/vibrations), cochlea (organ of transduction), place theory of pitch- location of hair cells in the cochlea stimulated by a certain pitch determines the sound you will hear; place determines which part of the cochlea is stimulated; if base of cochlea is stimulated then it’s a high pitch, visversa auditory cortex- reveives signals from auditory part of cochlea… in temporal lobe tonotopic organization- areas of auditory cortex that cells are selective to pitch (low and high) low frequency --> low pitch, high frequency--> high pitch, older people first lose the ability to hear the highest pitch sounds due to loss of "hair cells" near the base of the cochlea ppl lose higher pitches first olfaction (smell): olfactory epithelium- where the olfactory receptors are located humans don’t have an olfactory bulb like other animals, but we have a region where olfactory receptors are; molecules in the air activate olfactory neurons no relay through thalamus- only sense that’s not through the thalamus direct input into limbic system smell is "easy to feel but hard to contemplate" gustation (taste): sensory receptors are on the taste buds brain imaging of "disgust" is the purest brain image of any of the emotions (most easily identifiable) haptics (touch) and nociception (pain): non-painful touch and pain are different senses and regular non- painful (mechanoreceptive).
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Study Guide Exam 2 - study guide for exam 2 audition...

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