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statistics - Perkup = 5.2 Placebo = 2.1 9 What is the...

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Sadie Lukos Homework Assignment # 1 Statistics Project 1. What is the indedependent Variable? “Perkup” 2. What is the Dependent Variables? The rats 3. Which is the Experimental Group? The rats given the “perkup” 4. Which is the control group? The rats given the placebo 5. What is the Mean for each group? “Perkup” = 25.4 Placebo = 17.8 6. What is the Median for each group? “Perkup” = 26.5 Placebo = 18 7. What is the Variance for each group? 8. What is the standard Deviation for each group?
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Unformatted text preview: Perkup = 5.2 Placebo = 2.1 9. What is the Meaning of these results? A) Did the dug increase spontaneous activity? Yes, the rats that took the “Perkups” had a higher activity level then the rats that were given the placebos. B) Is the difference between these groups significant? Yes, the difference between the two groups was 8.5. C) Does the drug affect human memory? We don’t know because we only tested the rats activity level....
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