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Problem Statement Template

Problem Statement Template - Problem Statement...

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Problem Statement Template (Claim Last) If you're having trouble writing a problem statement, try brainstorm ways to fill in the blanks. These are only guidelines; you don't need to use them, and you probably shouldn't use exactly this wording in your final essay . Stable Context Describe unchanging facts about the topic/problem. For many years, people have debated about _________________________. or ____________________________________ has been controversial because _____________________________________________________________. or ______________________ has dominated discussions of _______________. Status Quo State common but incorrect or incomplete assumptions. Many people think ________________________________________________________. or At first glance, it may seem like ______________________________________________. Destabilizing Moment Describe something that reveals the status quo assumptions to be incomplete or inaccurate. This initial perception fails to take into account __________________________________. or This theory can't explain ____________________________________________________. or People have failed to notice, however, __________________________________________.
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Consequences Show readers why they should care: what bad things will happen if people continue to believe the status quo? What good things will happen once they stop believing it?
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