Reasons and Evidence Worksheet

Reasons and Evidence Worksheet - 2. Does each paragraph...

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Reasons and Evidence Worksheet Author’s Name: Reader’s Name: Instructions: Read the essay without writing anything. Fill in the boxes on the attached page. Then answer these questions about the essay. Please do not write on the essay itself. Reasons 1. Fill the following for each reason: (Claim)_________________________________________________ must be true because (Reason 1_______________________________________________________________. (Claim)_________________________________________________ must be true because (Reason 2) ______________________________________________________________. (Claim)_________________________________________________ must be true because (Reason 3)_______________________________________________________________. (Claim)_________________________________________________ must be true because (Reason 4) ______________________________________________________________. Do these statements make sense? (That is, do the reasons support the claim?) _____
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If any don’t make sense. explain why.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Does each paragraph cover only one reason? ______ If not, which paragraph include more than one reason? 3. Are all of the reasons different from one another? ______ If not, which ones seem the same? 4. Devise one additional reason to support the claim. Evidence 1. Which reason did you find most convincing (i.e. which had the strongest evidence)? 2. Which reason did you find least convincing (i.e. which had the weakest evidence)? 3. Is there any evidence you dont accept as a fact? _______. If so, please identify it (by brief description, page, and paragraph #) 4. List three separate sources that the writer relied upon for evidence: a. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ b. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ c. _____________________________________________________________________________ _ 5. Come up with one additional piece of evidence (explain which reason it surpports)....
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Reasons and Evidence Worksheet - 2. Does each paragraph...

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