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UVa cheating cases

UVa cheating cases - UVa investigating 72 cheating cases...

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UVa investigating 72 cheating cases November 26, 2001 Posted: 10:16 AM EST (1516 GMT) CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia -- Eight University of Virginia students have left school for plagiarism and a student committee is preparing to investigate 72 more alleged honor code violations in what has become the school's biggest cheating scandal in memory. Since May, 148 students have been accused of copying term papers in Professor Lou Bloomfield's introductory physics course. Bloomfield referred the students to the university honor committee after a homemade computer program detected numerous duplicated phrases in his students' work during the past five semesters. "That was a real shock," said Thomas Hall, chairman of the honor committee, whose staff has been under enormous pressure to finish its investigation before graduation this May. "The largest number of accusations I'd seen from any one professor was maybe five." Of the 61 cases the honor committee has completed so far, 50 cases were dropped, one student
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