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//********************************************************* // // // Demonstrates a graphical user interface and event listeners to // tally votes for two candidates, Joe and Sam. //********************************************************* import java.awt.*; import java.awt.event.*; import javax.swing.*; public class VoteCounterPanel extends JPanel { private int votesForJoe; private JButton joe; private JLabel labelJoe; private int votesForSam; private JButton sam; private JLabel labelSam; //---------------------------------------------- // Constructor: Sets up the GUI. //---------------------------------------------- public VoteCounterPanel() { //initialize counts votesForJoe = 0; votesForSam = 0; joe = new JButton("Vote for Joe"); joe.addActionListener(new JoeButtonListener()); sam = new JButton("Vote for Sam"); sam.addActionListener(new SamButtonListener()); labelJoe = new JLabel("Votes for Joe: " + votesForJoe); labelSam = new JLabel("Votes for Sam: " + votesForSam);
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VoteCounterPanel - /* / / /...

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