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SquareRoots - public static void main(String args String...

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//******************************************************************** // SquareRoots.java // // Demonstrates the use of the JOptionPane class. //******************************************************************** import javax.swing.JOptionPane; class SquareRoots { //-------------------------------------------------------------------- // Finds and displays the square root of the value input by the user // Uses multiple dialog boxes for user interaction. //--------------------------------------------------------------------
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Unformatted text preview: public static void main (String args) { String numStr, result; int num, again; do { numStr = JOptionPane.showInputDialog ("Enter an integer: "); num = Integer.parseInt(numStr); result = "The square root of that number is " + Math.sqrt(num); JOptionPane.showMessageDialog (null, result); again = JOptionPane.showConfirmDialog (null, "Do Another?"); } while (again == JOptionPane.YES_OPTION); } }...
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