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//******************************************************* // // // A class to process deposits and withdrawals for two bank // accounts for multiple days. //******************************************************* import java.util.Scanner; public class ProcessTransactions { public static void main(String[] args){ Account acct1, acct2; //two test accounts String keepGoing = "y"; //more transactions? String anotherDay = "y"; //go for another day? String action; //deposit or withdraw double amount; //how much to deposit or withdraw long acctNumber; //which account to access Scanner scan = new Scanner(; //Create two accounts acct1 = new Account(1000, "Sue", 123); acct2 = new Account(1000, "Joe", 456); while (anotherDay.equalsIgnoreCase("y")) { System.out.println("The following accounts are available:\n"); acct1.printSummary(); System.out.println(); acct2.printSummary(); while (keepGoing.equalsIgnoreCase("y")) { //get account number, what to do, and amount System.out.print("\nEnter the number of the account you would
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ProcessTransactions - /* / / / A...

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