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Problem Sheet 1: GE 208K 1. What mass of a material with density ρ is required to make a hollow spherical shell having inner radius r 1 and outer radius r 2 ? 2. A small cube of iron is observed under the microscope. The edge of the cube is 5.00 * 10^ -6 cm long. Find a. the mass of the cube b. the number of iron atoms in the cube The atomic mass of iron is 55.9 u and its density is 7.86 g/cm 3 3. The position of a particle moving under uniform acceleration is some function of time and acceleration. Suppose we write this position s = ka m t n , where k is a dimensionless constant. Find m and n by dimensional analysis. 4. Newton’s law of gravitation is represented by 2 r GMm F = Here F is force with units Kg.m/s 2. M and m have units of mass. r has units of
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