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LETTERS OF A BUSINESSMAN TO HIS SON Introduction Preface Challenge Education On Success Stopping the Momentum First Days in the Real World Integrity What Is an Entrepreneur? Experience Employees Partnership On Delegating The Fine Art of Negotiation Marriage Business Expansion Money Public Speaking Manners, Attire, and Deportment Bank Managers On Dealing with Government On the Principle of Diversification The Value of Reading(1) The Value of Reading(2) Teamwork On Happiness On Firing People Friendship On Criticism Personal Financial Security On Being Prepared Stress and Your Health On Being a Leader That Balance in Life You're on Your Own http://www.upbeat.tnet.co.th/letters/ [20/09/07 6:10:00 AM]
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I had become somewhat desperate when my search for suitable material to follow my previous project, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff," came up empty-handed. Then one day as I was rearranging my bookshelves at home, Letters of A Businessman to His Son caught my eye. I had forgotten completely I had a copy of this 1988 book by G. Kingsley Ward. The author is a prominent Canadian entrepreneur, who has been a highly successful businessman since 1961. He owns eight companies with a variety of interests, primarily in the health care field. As you will read for yourself in the book's Preface, to be published tomorrow, Mr. Ward underwent two major operations that made him realise he might not be around that much longer to tell his son, J.R. Kingsley Ward, the secrets of his success. So, he wrote a series of letters ranging from such topics as integrity, employees, delegating, teamwork, leadership. diversification, to marriage, public speaking, manners, and friendship. When the letters were completed, his family and friends persuaded him to have them published and the book, bestseller in Canada, is revered by many as a must-read for all young people entering the corporate world. For this project, I have enlisted the talents of Nalinee and her teamwork from Loxley in addition to Piyanut, a veteran of two projects past. Each night I will e-mail you with directions to the Website Nalinee has designed and built. Here you will find the new chapter for the day, which can be viewed in either the brief or full version. This should take care of readers such as my Internet guru son who never fails to complain when made to read anything longer than two sentences. Posting the book on the Website will also enable readers who join us midway through to access past chapters at their leisure. My team and I have had a lot of fun putting together this new project. But more than that, we beleive the wisdom and insight offered by Mr. Ward is priceless, and we would like to share that with you. http://www.upbeat.tnet.co.th/letters/intro.htm [20/09/07 6:10:04 AM]
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