Scholars Semester 09 Hills

Scholars Semester 09 Hills - 1 HUNTSMAN SCHOLAR SEMESTER...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 HUNTSMAN SCHOLAR SEMESTER 2009 Integrated Course Syllabus Faculty: Dr. Stacey Hills 797-8201 Dr. Shannon Peterson 797-3966 Prof. Lynne Pettit 797-2143 Dr. Chris Fawson 797-2320 Additional Important People: Liz Allred 797-7621 Krystn Clark 797-0333 Norma Richards 797-2362 All faculty biographies and office hours are available on Blackboard. Faculty offices are located within the Programs and Advising Center (Business Building, Room 309). Semester Program Description & Objectives The purpose of the scholar semester is to provide students with an integrated perspective on the nature business and politics in a global environment, along with greater individual and intercultural awareness. While there will be some lectures, this is NOT a lecture-based semester (we just dont have the time). To meet the goals of the program, youll need to read and work on your own and as a team. You will also need to come to class, and keep in close contact with us so that we can help with questions and help you move forward in your thinking. Given the integrated nature of the Huntsman Scholar Semester, the classes will rely heavily on the concepts being addressed in the other courses. These courses will rely heavily upon student discussion and participation. This requires that students come to class prepared to discuss and engage the material, making relevant connections to the other courses this semester when possible. Students should leave this program with an enhanced understanding and appreciation for the interplay between economic and politics and its practical import on individual and collective behavior globally. On a more academic note, we will actively focus on applying the 4 Pillars of the Huntsman School of Business: Ethical Leadership, Entrepreneurial Spirit, Global Vision and Analytical Rigor. You will be expected to display these qualities through your individual and team participation in this class. The semester is comprised of five individual courses, and the description and objectives for each are provided below. ECON/MGT 3300. Global Issues in International Trade COURSE DESCRIPTION: As d ebates surrounding the process of globalization continue to arouse considerable interest in academic circles and amongst global citizenry, this course aims to provide you with an excellent opportunity to discuss some of these issues and to use theoretical tools to make sense of the fundamental arguments involved. In particular, this course is designed to introduce you to the dynamic and complex interplay between politics and economics, with an emphasis on international business and trade, and the variety of ethical dilemmas that governments, firms, individuals and civil society as a whole face when operating in a globalized environment. governments, firms, individuals and civil society as a whole face when operating in a globalized environment....
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Scholars Semester 09 Hills - 1 HUNTSMAN SCHOLAR SEMESTER...

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