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EMAIL TRANSFER INSTRUCTIONS: Students are responsible for checking their College GroupWise email regularly; as a result, they may want to link their College email address to their personal email address so they will not miss messages from instructors or College officials that are being sent to the GroupWise email system. To Transfer your GroupWise E-mails to another e-mail account: 1. Open your College GroupWise e-mail and select Tools on the menu bar and then Rules from the drop down list. This will open the Rules dialog box. 2. Click the "New " button on the right side to the New Rule dialog box. 3. Enter a name for the rule in the top text box . "LDSBC e-mail forward" as an example. 4. Leave the " When event is " selection as defaulted.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Under " Item types " on the left, click the Mail checkbox. 6. Do not enter anything in the " Define Condition " area. 7. Under " Then actions are ", lower left, click the Add Action button and select Forward . This will open the Forward dialog box. 8. In the " To : " field enter the e-mail address to which all mail should be forwarded. In the Subject line type " Forwarded from LDSBC " so that the forwarded e-Mail is identifiable. 9. Click OK to close the dialog box. 10. Click Save on the New Rule dialog box. In the Rules dialog box make sure that the Checkbox next to the rule is checked , if not, click it. Click Run and the rule will be in effect. All incoming mail will be forwarded to the e-Mail address specified....
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