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Quiz on Citations and Bibliography ENG 220 1. As you give credit in an in-text parenthetical citation for ideas used, what are the standard three items of information do you use? 2. What do you use if the name of an author is not available? 3. How are names of books, magazines and newspapers formatted so they are identified as such rather than as articles? 4. Most everyone knows that direct quotations must be cited. What other types of information should be cited? 5. On a clean sheet of paper please put the following bibliographic information in proper form according to directions for Bibliography in Chapter 2 of the LDSBC Writing Guide . Please check these guidelines as you complete this assignment. $ Write the word Bibliography centered one inch from the top of your page $ Single space the entry and double space between entries $ Place the information in alphabetical order by author = s last name $ Follow other guidelines discussed in class or indicated on the example page
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Unformatted text preview: . A personal interview on Monday, November 22, 2003 with Nathan Hanks, the local chairperson for the National Endowment of the Arts. A magazine article from HR Focus , New York, volume 76, issue 11, Nov. 2001,called A The art of wooing Gen Xers, @ by Joanne Cole, pages 7- 10,, retrieved November 14, 2003. 1999 edition, Encyclopedia Britannica , A Stock Market Crash of 1929. @ Newspaper article "No More Free Lunch," by Beth Clayton, February 14, 2002, Salt Lake Tribune. A book published Bellweather Press, 2002, by Edith P. Aiken, Resume Resource , San Francisco, pages 45-48. Online material from a government source, A Women and Minority-Owned Business Survey, @, August 2000, U.S. Census Bureau, accessed November 2003....
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