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Compile a Bibliography using the list below and the information in Chapter Two in The Writing Guide. Put the entries into proper order and form. 1. A book titled Naturalistic Inquiry , published in 1985 by Sage, located in Newbury Park, California. The authors are Yvonna S. Lincoln and Egon G. Cuba. 2. An essay written by Frederick Erickson titled A Qualitative Methods in Research on Teaching, @ which appeared on pages 78-90 in the third edition of a book titled Handbook of Research on Teaching. The book was edited by M.C. Whittrock and was published in 1986 in New York by Macmillan. 3. An article by J.B. Gillette entitled “Breaking the Silence” that appeared in the March 1995 issue of Historic Preservation magazine (volume 47).The article appeared on pages 38-43. 4. An unsigned article entitled A History for the Future @ that appeared in the January 1990 issue of Cobblestone magazine (volume 1). The article appeared on pages 16-17. 5. A World Wide Web site which you accessed on February 5, 2000. The site is called
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Unformatted text preview: A K-12 History Internet Guide @ and was first published on April 20, by Susan Patterson and Linda Swanson. The URL is < http://www.xs4all.nl/~swanson/history/index.html> 6. An interview you conducted on November 8, 2000 with Richard Walker, a middle school history teacher. 7. A personal email that you received from Professor Mark M. Brown from the University of Utah. His email address is [email protected] The message was sent on February 1, 2000 and the subject line reads A The Ninth Grade History Student. @ 8. An article A History Comes Alive @ by Joseph Sullivan from a scholarly journal The History Professor , published in March 1999 (Volume 40). The article is found on pages 23-27 and you found it in an electronic data base called ProQuest on May 12, 2000. 9. A newspaper article by Jean Dressy that appeared in the Boston Globe on June 5, 1996. The article was titled A At the Children = s Musuem, How History Happens. @ It ran on page 6 in section A....
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