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1 Evaluation of Online Library Course ENG 101 1. List at least two specific things that you learned as you went through the Online Library Course. 2. How much time did you spend going through the program. 3. Did you experience any technical problems getting into the program or while you were online. Explain. 4. We have had some questions about certain pages. Did you find material that was not clear or that you could not successfully complete. If so, do you remember which lessons
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Unformatted text preview: or pages these problems occurred? 5. Do you have any suggestions for making the Online Library Course more effective? 6. Did you complete the library course and take the final exam? The exam has 20 questions. Do you know the score out of 20 which you received on the exam? If so, what is it?______ If you have not taken the exam, what score do you think you could achieve on the exam based on your understanding of the material ? ______...
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