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Working as a manager you have different jobs to do daily. Managers change the floor daily if new merchandise has been shipped in. They put the new merchandise in front, since it is the newest. If no new merchandise has come in, then there is still a floor change, so that the floor has a new look every day. There is timekeeping that needs to be prepared and turned in daily, for their associates. There are also figures for the department that need to be prepared and
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Unformatted text preview: turned in daily. Even though you are a manager you are still required to be on the selling floor and sell to your customers. On Mondays of every week there are manager meetings that all managers in the store must attend. Then monthly there is a journal that is to be prepared and turned in. You need to keep the people in your department motivated so that they want to help out the company business. You are required to put the clothes back that people...
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