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PS 8 questions

PS 8 questions - 8 What is the difference between...

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CELL BIOLOGY Problem Set 8 1. What is dolichol phosphate and what is its importance in protein modification? 2. Describe what would happen if a protein destined for the lysosomes had a mutation in the signal patch region. 3. What are V-SNARES and T-SNARES and what is their role in protein trafficking? 4. There are three major types of transport vesicles characterized by what type of proteins makes up their coat. Describe each of the coat proteins in turn, including how coat assembly is controlled. 5. What would happen if a protein that is supposed to be residing in the ER was accidentally sent out to the Golgi? 6. Why is protein translocation through the membrane of the nucleus different than translocation through the membranes of (most) other organelles? 7. Why is pH so critical to the proper functioning of the lysosomes? What processes would be in jeopardy if the pH of the lysosomes was at 8.0?
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Unformatted text preview: 8. What is the difference between chaperones and chaperonins? Which are the most important in post-translational transport? 9. What two things does a protein need to be able to get into the nucleus? To leave the nucleus? **The following questions are based on a genetic disorder called Pompe disease, which you may be familiar with due to the recent release of the feature film “Extraordinary Measures.” Information on this disease can be found at the link below** http://www.genzyme.com/pompemovie/? gclid=CJ32keSfwqACFQkhnAodRl_dag 10. What is the molecular/genetic basis behind Pompe disease? What effect does this have on a cellular level? . 11. Most patients with Pompe disease produce endogenous GAA protein. Why do they still exhibit the disease? 12. What is the current treatment option for patients with Pompe disease? How does it work?...
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