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1/31/2010 1 Making diet plans for athletes Steps in making a diet plan ± EVALUATE ± food record, recall, or frequency to determine their typical intake & compare to recommendations ± PLAN A DIET ± use several tools to do this: Food Pyramid, Food Exchanges ± Base on their current diet but alter to fit recommendations for athletes “Food first” Plan diet without supplements first. Recommend supplementation only under unusual circumstances: ± Food allergies ± Very low energy intake ± Very restrictive on foods enjoyed ± Clear benefit and no or very low risk Priorities for athletes ± #1 Energy ± #2 Carbohydrate ± #3 Protein #4 choose nutrient dense foods to provide ± #4 choose nutrient dense foods to provide micronutrients ± The idea is that if you are following the food exchange or my pyramid and selecting nutrient dense foods, this should take care of itself after you follow #1-3 ± #5 Fat to complete energy need RDA equations can estimate total energy need (kcal/d) ± Adult man: EER = 662 – 9.53 X age + PA X 15.91 X BW(kg) + 539.6 X ht(m) ± Adult woman: EER = 354 – 6.91 X age + PA X 9.36 X BW(kg) + 726 X ht(m) ± PA = 1.0 if sedentary ± PA = 1.12 if low activity ± PA = 1.27 if active ± PA = 1.45 if very active Alternate (quick) way to estimated Daily Energy Requirements of Athletes Figure 10.1
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1/31/2010 2 Energy & macronutrient needs can vary by time of year ± Training varies so energy & carbohydrate needs vary ± Heaviest training period = highest energy and carbohydrate intake ± Building period of resistance training = highest protein intake ± Attempt to change body weight during off season Training Schedule and Estimated Energy Expenditure of a Female Collegiate Rower Note that even during low season and if desire weight loss don’t typically go below ~30 kcal/kg
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_4Translation- making diet plans2010 - Steps in making a...

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