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Lab Report body - Photosynthesis in Regard To Miracle-Gro...

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Photosynthesis in Regard To Miracle-Gro Eric Moers, Scott Sandowski, Cole Rice BIO100 Lab 1:40-3:30 Spring 2007 Kaesha Neil Abstract : The initial study was to determine specific factors needed for plants to grow, and why there are different amounts of vegetation found in different ecosystems. It was thought that nutrients were the distinguishing factor in determining photosynthesis, and to test this, three plants were set up in three beakers filled with H 2 O and distributed with different concentrations of nutrient solution (Miracle Gro). One plant contained no miracle gro, the second plant had 25ml of miracle gro, and the third plant had 50ml of miracle gro. The data showed that a higher concentration of nutrient solution contributed to greater amounts of oxygen, a byproduct of photosynthesis. Therefore, the hypothesis was supported. Introduction: It was initially observed that there were different concentrations of vegetation in different biomes. The question followed of course, why are there different amounts of vegetation in different biomes or ecosystems? The hypothesis was that the greater amount of nutrients present, the more abundant the plant life will be.
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Lab Report body - Photosynthesis in Regard To Miracle-Gro...

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