Oct 5th - ProgEra & Women

Oct 5th - ProgEra & Women - • “Social...

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The Progressive Era and Progressive Era Women’s Organizations Progressive Era Reforms: Democratic Government Efficiency in government Regulation/Anti-monopolism Social justice/humanitarianism      Female Organizations in late 19 th  and early 20 th  century      19 th  century Gender Ideology Separate spheres Woman’s sphere = private sphere of home “True womanhood”:  piety, morality, domesticity Woman as “moral guardian”
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Unformatted text preview: • “Social housekeeping” • Woman’s sphere goes public Organization = spirit of the age Women’s Organization and Reform or Improvement • Religious organizations, eg WCTU • Settlement House Movement • Labor, eg Women’s Trade Union League and the Consumers’ League • Cultural, self-education organizations, GFWC, NACW • Suffrage organizations, NAWSA and The Woman’s Party...
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