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Oct 7th - WWI-otlne - Peace or Preparedness Rising...

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The US and World War I World War 1:  1914-1918 Central Powers Allied Powers US involvement in WWI:  “…feared before it started, popular while it lasted,  hated when it ended.” Early neutrality No interest in a foreign war Divided loyalties Wilson’s neutrality policy Peace or preparedness debate Sales and loans to both sides
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Unformatted text preview: Peace or Preparedness? Rising Anti-German Sentiment: • Invasion and occupation of Belgium • Sinking of Lusitania, 1915 • Unrestricted German U-boat warfare resumes, 1917 • Zimmerman Telegram, 1917 Suppression of Dissent at Home Wilson’s 14 Points Treaty of Versailles, 1919...
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  • Spring '08
  • VictoriaAllison
  • Powers Allied Powers, neutrality policy Peace, preparedness debate Sales, war Divided loyalties

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