Nov 11th Lecture - Post WW2 America

Nov 11th Lecture - Post WW2 America - Prosperity of 1950s...

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Post War America:  Affluence and the Liberal Consensus (contested consensus) “Twin Pillars of Postwar Liberalism”: (Limited) Expansion of New Deal social welfare Continuation of Cold War; containment of communism The development of a liberal agenda New Deal, Fair Deal, Eisenhower GI Bill, 1944 Fair Deal:  Increase in minimum wage          Social Security expanded National Housing Act, 1949 Keynesian economics
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Unformatted text preview: Prosperity of 1950s • Gov’t Spending • Consumer Demand • US Strength in International Trade Gaps in prosperity & progress JK Galbraith, The Affluent Society , 1958 Michael Harrington, The Other America, 1962 Baby Boom Post War Economy • Military-Industrial complex • Corporate Strategies • White Collar and Service Industries • Labor and Unions • Agriculture • Cities and Suburbs...
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