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Homework due 2/15 Consider the equilibrium 2 A + B 2 C + 2 D for which ∆H rxn = 75 kJ. Indicate whether the concentration of B will increase, decrease, or remain the same when the following stresses are placed on the system at equilibrium. a) Some D is added to the system - increase - since the equilibrium will shift to the reactant side to use up the added D. b) Some C is removed from the system - decrease - since the equilibrium will shift to replace the C that is lost, it will use up B to produce more C. c) The system is heated - decrease - since the forward reaction is endothermic, the added heat will act like a
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Unformatted text preview: reactant and drive the reaction toward the formation of products. This will decrease the concentration of B. d) A catalyst is added - remains the same - the catalysts speed up the rate at which equilibrium is achieved, but does not alter the position of the equilibrium. e) The pressure on the system is increased - increase- the increased pressure will shift the equilibrium to the side with the fewer gas molecules. In this case there are 3 gas molecules on the left and 4 gas molecules on the right, hence it will shift the reaction to the right, increasing the concentration of B....
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