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bio 2 exam 2 version - 1 Which of the following elements is...

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1) Which of the following elements is incorrectly paired with its function in a plant? A) nitrogen_component of nucleic acids, proteins, coenzymes B) magnesium_component of chlorophyll; activates many enzymes C) phosphorus_component of nucleic acids, phospholipids, ATP, several coenzymes D) potassium_; osmosis; operation of stomata E) sulfur_component of DNA; activates some enzymes 2) In the nutrition of a plant, which element is classified as a macronutrient? A) zinc B) chlorine C) calcium D) molybdenum E) manganese 9) The amount and direction of movement of water in plants can always be predicted by measuring A) air pressure. B) rainfall. C) proton gradients. D) dissolved solutes. E) water potential (ψw). 11) If ψp = 0.3 MPa and ψs = -0.45 MPa, the resulting ψw is A) +0.75 MPa. B) -0.75 MPa. C) -0.15 MPa. D) +0.15 MPa. E) impossible to calculate with this information. 12) All of the following statements about xylem are correct except: A) Xylem conducts material upward. B) Xylem conduction occurs within dead cells. C) transport is a function of pressure flow. D) Xylem usually has a lower water potential than the soil does. E) No energy input from the plant is required for xylem transport. 13) All of the following describe an important transport mechanism in plants except A) cohesion-tension-transpiration. B) osmosis. C) photorespiration. D) active transport. E) bulk flow from source to sink.
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14) Water entering the stele of the root from the cortex must pass through the A) Casparian strip. B) phloem. C) endodermal cytoplasm. D) epidermis. E) xylem. 15) Which of the following factors that sometimes play a role in the rise of sap in the xylem depends on the expenditure of energy by the plant ? A) secretion of ions into the stele of the root B) cohesion of water molecules due to hydrogen bonding C) transpiration of water from the leaves D) adhesion of water to xylem tracheids and vessels E) diffusion of water into the root hairs 18) Water potential is generally most negative in which of the following parts of a plant? A) mesophyll cells of the leaf B) xylem vessels in leaves C) xylem vessels in roots D) cells of the root cortex E) root hairs 20) Transpiration in plants requires all of the following except A) transport through pits B) cohesion between water molecules. C) evaporation of water molecules.
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bio 2 exam 2 version - 1 Which of the following elements is...

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