December 1 Lecture

Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal (7th Edition)

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December 1 Lecture Gay Liberation: - Ancient Greeks versus monotheisms – it was part of life - Gays as an identity group – meant happy - Overcoming legal discriminations o Was officially documented as a mental illness - Overcoming homophobia Aboriginal Peoples: - Distinct Nations - History of conquest and occupation - Overcome domination and restore pride and dignity as a minority - Maintain traditional ways of life - Land claims, treaty rights - Powers of self government - Worst off class of people/urgent need of response o Child poverty, access to drinkable water o Food, shelter Animal Liberation: Human Treatment of Animals? - Using animals – throughout history as workers, food, clothing, pets, sports - The traditional view – relationship with non-humans, made for our use so we can treat them how we want - Why disregard non-human animals? o Humans are special, created in Gods image– animals are less important not in his image o Possession of reason
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o The capacity to speak a language Challenging the Traditional Views:
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December 1 Lecture - December 1 Lecture Gay Liberation...

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