December 3 Lecture

Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal (7th Edition)

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December 3 Lecture Green Ideology Continued Serious Environmental Problems - Loss of natural resources - Ceilings on needed resources - Harmful things we generate - Population growth and per capita impact Loss of Natural Resources - Natural habitats - Wild Food Sources o Shellfish, fish - Biological diversity o Birds, earthworms, soil Ceilings on Needed Resources - Energy sources: oil, natural gas, coal – they will disappear - Freshwater Harmful Things We Generate - Toxic chemicals – insecticides, herbicides o Birth defects, decline in sperm count - Alien Species - Atmospheric Gases Human Population - Population growth: stabilize at 9 to 12 billion (over the next 50-60 years) - More people require more resources - Per capita environmental impact o (Environmental Impact) First World = Third World x 32 Ecology as Ideology
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- Beyond left and right - Greens versus the mainstream - Against anthropocentrism o Human centered approach, nature is here to serve our ends o We have to re-think our approach to nature
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December 3 Lecture - December 3 Lecture Green Ideology...

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