December 8 Lecture

Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal (7th Edition)

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December 8 Lecture Islam, Mohammed, and the Qur’an - Islam – Arabic for submission/surrender - Mohammed – figure in a tradition of the monotheistic religion - Qur’an - Hadith Islam, Jihad, and Shar’ia - The Spread of Islam – successful politically and materially - The five pillars of Islam o Faith in god – testimony o Daily prayer o Charity to the poor o Fasting during the holy month Ramadan o Making pilgrimage to Mekka if you can - Jihad – struggle/strain/effort against evil (inner struggle against evil and temptation), (struggle against external enemies – radicals) - Shar’ia Four External Threats to Islam - Crusades – attempt to wipe out civilization - European Imperialism – British and French - The State of Israel – British made use of their place here, Palestinians, Western powers in their region of the world - Western ideas of “Modernity” o Secularism o Materialism
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o Sexualism o Tolerance of religions A Fifth Threat to Islam
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Unformatted text preview: -The United States o Covert Intervention o Military Attack o Support for Corrupt Regimes Radical Islamism-Muslim Counter-Enlightenment-Sayyid Qutb o Western Society is empty, materialistic, bad Qutb’s Influence-Jahiliyya – ignorance/unbelief - a mistake that people have been corrupted-False Consciousness-Offensive Holy War – against external enemies Against the Corrupt West-Attacking corrupt Muslims-Attacking US power-Education of Boys-Bearing Witness Radical Islamism as an Ideology-Explanation-Evaluation-Orientation-Program Islam versus the West?-Is there a clash of civilizations (Islamic vs. Western?)-What is the evidence? o US Allies: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India o Muslim Support for Democracy The Future of Ideology-Nationalism and Ideology-Religion and Ideology-Ideology and the Environment-The end of ideology?...
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December 8 Lecture - -The United States o Covert...

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