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November 5 Lecture

Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal (7th Edition)

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November 5 th , 2009 Lecture: According to Jones’s Lecture, Smith argues that capitalism: A: will lead to the disappearance of states B: Benefits the worst off C: Promotes disorder D: Fosters Dependency Key Themes in Liberalism: Rights, Liberties, Toleration - Emphasis on civil and political rights - Protection for basic liberties of conscience, speech, association, occupation, and sexuality - Toleration: Separation of church and state Neutrality, Pluralism, Capitalism - State is neutral between conceptions of the good - Permanent pluralism of modern society - Pro-capitalism and anti-capitalism Why Individual Freedom? - State coercion and paternalism are counter-productive - Showing respect for individual autonomy and the capacity to make our own choices - Peaceful coexistence (toleration) versus respect for autonomy Liberalism as an Ideology - Explanation: Individual Choices - Evaluation: Equal freedom from individuals, protection from harm, equal opportunity - Orientation: rational choice makers, focus on shared characteristics, play down
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November 5 Lecture - November 5th 2009 Lecture According to...

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