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November 19 Lecture

Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal (7th Edition)

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November 19 Lecture Socialism after Marx (Continued) Bernstein: - Revisionist - Evolutionary Socialist - Morality: Freedom, Respect, Means - Politics and Economics Lenin: - Russia: Semi-feudal agragian economy, political autocracy - Intellectual and practical support for revolution - Small, organized, disciplined revolutionary movement - Against revisionism and “trade union consciousness” - Communist party as revolutionary vanguard Stalin: - “Man of steel”: ruthless, expert in political murder and “purging” - Stalin as the guide of the party - “socialism in one country” - “Dialect in Communism in Practice - Massive crimes and repression - Planned economy and state ownership - Decisive in defeating Nazi Germany - Rapid industrialization, mass education, full employment, equality-gender, social Fabian Socialism in Britain - GB Shaw, HG Wells, S and B Webb - Parliamentary path to socialism - British labour party from 1990
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Unformatted text preview: -Nationalization; social welfare Barry on Som-Som is a theory of citizenship-Anti-capitalist: supports collective control of the economy-Collective action to overcome undesirable consequences of individual actions Fascism: Some Features-“Fasces”-Totalitarian - state should aim for total control of society at all levels -Reactionary – against reason, for radical change, reacting to reason, science, progress is possible; enlightenment ideals, enemies – liberals and sots-Background Ideas: o Counter-enlightenment o Nationalism o Elitism – rule should be by small group of individuals – anti-democratic o Irrationalism Mussolini’s Fascism-National unity-Liberalism “No”; Obedience “Yes”-Celebration of war – people who want to fight us will be crushed-Individual sacrifice and state worship – die for state and leader...
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November 19 Lecture - -Nationalization social welfare Barry...

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