November 24 Lecture

Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal (7th Edition)

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Unformatted text preview: November 24 Lecture Who argued that Means, or Moral considerations, are as important as victory of socialism? A. Lenin B. Stalin C. Bernstein D. Zedong E. Nightly Adolph Hitler Hitler’s Nazism: - Two explanations for Hitler’s rise to power 1. Economic 2. Charismatic - Resentment about end of World War 1 - German People (“Volk”) must defeat Jews, Communists, and Liberals - Need a strong dominant leader (“Fuherprinzip”) - Nationalism – racist, exclusive, blood on soil nationalism - Lebensraum (Living Space) – live in place of historical birth right, expand into other countries - Social Darwinism - Racism and Anti-Semitism – only fittest racists survive Fascism: Key Themes (Paxton) - Sense of crisis needing radical solution – not liberal or social - Subordination of individuals to the group - One’s group is a victim whose enemies must be attacked -Fear of liberalism, class conflict, and other Alien forces - Permit community integration by violence if necessary - Need for authority by natural (Male) leaders embodying group’s destiny - Superiority of leader’s instincts to abstract and universal - Celebration of violence and will, when devoted to group’s success - Right of the chosen people to dominate others without moral restraint Feminism: - eliminating the subordination of women - history of sexual inequality, injustice, and domination - Aristophanes’ Lysistrata asserting women’s power Mary Wollstonecraft Feminism: - A vindication of the Rights of Women (1792) - enlightenment commitment to reason and equality - Women and men are equals in possessing the capacity to reason - Women are oppressed by social institutions, including education - differences between men and women are artificial, not natural - changing institutions (ie. marriage, education) will end inequality Liberal Feminism: - overcome overt discrimination - change laws and institutions - goal: equalize opportunities for women and me ...
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