November 26 Lecture

Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal (7th Edition)

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November 26 Lecture Unlike Liberal Feminists, Radical Feminists A. Reject Capitalism B. Emphasize Difference C. Fought to get women the vote D. Support free love with all radical dudes Feminism Continued: Radical Feminism: - Overcoming sexist attitudes and beliefs - Women are subject to their own internalized harmful attitudes and false beliefs - Emphasize women’s difference - Male bias in setting to the terms of debate - The air we breathe: “the structure and values of American society” (Catherine MacKinnon) - Women had no role in creating the rules of the game The justice-care debate: - Is justice a gendered concept? - Women value connectedness - Men value separation and abstraction Gilligan’s In a Different Voice - Justice o Seeking abstract rules o Moral mathematics
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Unformatted text preview: -Care o Consider particularities o Case-by-case moral reasoning o Narrative of relationships Justice and Care: Some Issues-Different voices dont match men and women-Need justice as a background virtue-We need universal moral principles Black Liberation and Racism: Racism:-What racism is-Difference and power-Anti-racism: challenging race as a category Martin Luther King I Have a Dream-All men are created equal-Content of character, not skin colour-Equality, freedom, justice, character, harmony, hope Black Liberation-Integration versus Black nationalism-What to do o Affirmative action o Guaranteed political representation o Historical compensation for slavery-The Canadian Context...
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November 26 Lecture - -Care o Consider particularities o...

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