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February 9 Lecture

Beyond Sovereignty: Issues for a Global Agenda

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February 9 Lecture Non-Governmental Organizations - reputational power - media power: transparency and internet - female power: many are run by women - network power: link up globally and locally - power of individuals: states are obstacle - consumer power: $to change corporate and government policies Target: States, MNCs, IGOs Problems: - Democratic? Transparent? Accountable? (to whom? How? Whom do they represent?) - ‘pure’? coopted? (red campaign) - Cooperative? Uneven resources? (Northern NGOs) - Shaming as enforcement? (Wal-Mart) - Direct action over legal changes? (long-term?) - States “concede” areas to NGOs (pick up slack = state neglect (cheaper, easier)) Global Economy: MNCs Focus? - private economic actors o MNCs – multinational corporations o TNCs – transnational corporations - Growing power of private economic actors
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Unformatted text preview: o Greater than states, societies, and individuals o Ability to cause global change-Which economy? o Formal, legal, licit economy o Informal, illegal, illicit economy-Questions: o Separate actors by spheres of operation? o Who defines which is part of which? o Social ramifications? o Ability of state to govern? o Impact of globalization Who or What?-Such economic entities have existed for many centuries o Hanseatic League, HBC (EIC), age of imperialism and empire-Modern elements: o Rationale: profit maximization (revenue and/or share value) for corporations owners only o “control and manage commercial ventures and operation outside countries of origin”-The modern corporation is the latest legal manifestation and it is globally recognized...
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February 9 Lecture - o Greater than states societies and...

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